Have you ever wondered when to use WHEN or WHENEVER?   If so , you are in the right place.

When to use WHEN.

1 – We use WHEN If we are talking about a single occurrence or when we know its time or date.                                  

  •     She was only 18 when she got pregnant.   
  •     I was watching TV when my mobile phone rang.      
  •     We will begin the meeting when I get there at eight.

When to use WHENEVER.

 2 – We use WHENEVER for repeated events or events the date or time of which we are uncertain.                                       We use WHENEVER , If we can replace WHENEVER  with  every time that or at whatever time that  in the sentence.    

  • Whenever I call him , he seems to be busy.       
  • We can start whenever you are ready.       
  • I was referring to last Monday or whenever it was you came back from your holidays.   

      Note: We can often replace whenever with when but generally the reverse in not the case.                                               The exception being when we use whenever as an more emphatic form of when in questions:       

  • Whenever will that dog stop barking?       
  • Whenever did you find time to learn all that ?       
  • Whenever has he done anything around here?                                                                                                                                                                                                          


  • Do you know when/whenever we are supposed to start the meeting today?
  • Let me know when/whenever you’ll be arriving at the airport next week so I can pick you up.        
  • When/Whenever I drink coffee, I get a terrible headache.
  • I used to play football when/whenever I was a kid.