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This guide will walk you through the best ways of approaching the different parts of both the FCE and the CAE speaking paper of the Cambridge English examinations. It includes a compilation of tips , techniques and general advice from Cambridge examiners on what to do to pass the speaking test.

There are also Dos and Don’ts tables for each part of the exam. A large number of pictures and visual prompts for Part 2 and Part 3 have been included. They will help you prepare without needing to resort to other books.

This guide is ideal for any student of English who wants to pass the speaking paper of the FCE or the CAE Cambridge English examination.

Spoken English (phrases), (good) lord! | oh lord! , (well) I'll be damned! , as you do!, can you beat it/that?, come off it! , fancy that!, for crying out loud!, God forbid! / heaven forbid!, goodness me! / my goodness!, how do you like that?, I'll say! Informal, isn’t that something?, lo and behold (humorous), oh dear! / dear , e!/dearie me!, oh, bother! / bother!, rather you than me, shame on you, there, there!, well, i never! , who can say (…)?, who’s to say (…)? , wouldn’t you know (it)!, you can say that again, you don't say! , you said it! (informal), you're telling me!, fce speaking test, cae speaking test, c1 speaking test, b2 speaking test