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be none the wiser - not be any the wiser

be none/not be any the wiser                                                                                   to not understand                                                                                                    I've read the instructions twice and I'still none the wiser.                                I was none the wiser after his explanation.                                                               None of us were any the wiser after reading the instructions.                          to not know or find out about something (bad) that someone has done :   The restaurant replaced the lobster with crab and the customers were none the wiser.                                                                                                                     He replaced the broken vase, and his mum was none the wiser.                      If you put the money back, no one will be any the wiser.

This ebook has been written to help students prepare for the Key Word Transformation part of the Use of English paper (grammar) of the Cambridge English:  C2 Proficiency.

It will give you a good understanding of the different grammatical structures commonly used in this part of the Use of English test, e.g. passive - active voice , impersonal passive, conditional sentences , inverted conditionals, inversions, set phrases, comparative-superlative, causative verbs, phrasal verbs, linking words, etc.

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