when to use (the) with superlatives..pdf when to use (the) with superlatives..pdf
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This ebook contains 57 of the most common reflexive verbs that are taught to advanced English learners.

Clear definitions and example sentences have been used to ensure that learners understand the meanings of these verbs.

This ebook will help you to familiarise yourself with advanced reflexive verbs and tonotice them while reading in English or listening to spoken English, so that you can take your English skills to the next level.

When to omit the definite article with superlatives. When a superlative adjective is followed by a noun, we normally use the: It’s the best book I've ever read./ This is the best meal I’ve had for a long time. After linking verbs, superlative adjectives also usually have the, though it is sometimes dropped in an informal style : Which of the boys is (the)strongest? / This dictionary is(the). The cannot be dropped when a superlative is used with a defining expression. This dictionary is the best I could find.  This dictionary is best I could find. The is sometimes dropped before superlative adverbs in an informal style :  Who can run (the)fastest? I like vanilla ice cream (the)