amount of, quantity of, number of

These three nouns are very confusing for many a student of English. Depending on whether the noun we are dealing with is countable or uncountable and animate or inanimate, we will have to use one of these noun or the others.

The grammar sheet below contains good examples and clear explanations to show you how to make the right choice when dealing with these three nouns.

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This is the ebook that will help you pass the second part of the Cambridge Use of English test, i.e. the always difficult Open Cloze task.

It contains detailed explanations and examples of why you should choose one word rather that another. 

Easy to understand grammar explanations with many examples , will help you understand the grammar behind every word choice.

There are also very specific techniques and strategies that will allow you to avoid the most common mistakes students make on this part of the Use of English test.

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