According to English teachers all over the world, these are some of the most common mispronounced words among non native speakers of English.

Even Advanced learners mispronounce some of the words below.

Why don't you have a try and see how you fare yourself?

amateur (noun).mp3

ambiguous (adjective).mp3

aren_t (short form).mp3

bombing (noun).mp3

bomber (noun).mp3

bored (adjective).mp3

circuit (noun).mp3

conscientious (adjective).mp3

contemporary (adjective).mp3

course (noun).mp3

enthusiasm (noun).mp3

February (noun).mp3

island (noun).mp3

January (noun).mp3

laboratory (noun).mp3

mature (adjective).mp3

mountain (noun).mp3

pair (noun).mp3

question (noun).mp3

sergeant (noun).mp3

series (noun).mp3

should (modal verb).mp3

soldier (noun).mp3

suggestion (noun).mp3

surgeon (noun).mp3

temperature (noun).mp3

three (number).mp3

Tuesday (noun).mp3

two (number).mp3