common mistakes in English - FCE - CAE
do nothing but + bare infinitive
stressing or stressful - stressful or stressing
Nearly never - Mistake
knowledge of something
No doubt vs there is no doubt
Mistakes with ELSE
present perfect - mistakes
to do vs for doing
concerned about vs concerned with
let in the passive voice- mistake
very vs greatly vs (very) much
in the picture vs on the picture
avoid from (mistake)
can't hardly (mistake)
in vs on the team
How dare you to (mistake)
Ambient vs Ambience
Aforementioned - adjective
all of a sudden vs all of the sudden
In and of itself - In and on itself , common mistake
IT used to anticipate an object - I find it interesting that
mistakes with uncountable nouns - a lovely weather
have problems doing something - common mistake: have problems to do something
No sooner than vs no sooner when
You cannot say “have difficulty to do something”: I had difficulty to persuade her to leave.
I am at doing - common mistakes in English
leave for a place - common mistake
Mistakes with
Introducing people - common mistake
By contrast to - common mistake
regarding to - common mistake
Mistakes with
Mistakes with
must have not - mistake
what as a relative pronoun - common mistake
costed mistake
substitute for vs replace with - common mistakes
doubt vs hesitate - common mistakes
the coffee is to hot to drink it - common mistake
mistakes with irregular plurals
Mistakes with double possessives
Mistakes with
Mistakes with
Mistakes with
Mistakes with adverbs
A place where to - common mistake
Mistakes with adjectives
Steal vs rob - common mistakes
like vs such as - common mistakes
other few / other couple - common mistakes