€5,99- C2 Most Diff KWT Exerc. Vol.1
C2 Proficiency - key word transformation exercises
C2 Proficiency - difficult key word transformation exercises

This ebook will help you get better at doing key word transformation exercises.  

It contains 50 of the most difficult-to-paraphrase sentences at C2 level.          

The exercises in this ebook  have been chosen from the most common mistakes made by students who were preparing themselves to take the Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency examination.

In the key word transformation task, your knowledge of C2 vocabulary and grammar is tested. You have to show command of advanced phrases, phrasal verbs , idioms, adjectives, nouns, collocations, etc., to pass this part of the exam.

Do not forget that at C2 level you may often have to make more than one change in the transformed sentence , such as using a set expression as well as a change from active to passive.

Always remember to include the key word and not to change the form of the word.

Use between 3 and 8 words (including the key word) - no more, no fewer.   

Remember that contractions count as two words.

It is always advisable to make a list of the new words, phrases, idioms, etc., you come across so that you can remember them in the future.