level something against/at someone
underpin - verb (formal)  multiple choice cloze
prompt someone to do something

This ebook has been written to help students prepare for the Key Word Transformation part of the Use of English paper (grammar) of the Cambridge English:  C2 Proficiency.

It will give you a good understanding of the different grammatical structures commonly used in this part of the Use of English test, e.g. passive - active voice , impersonal passive, conditional sentences , inverted conditionals, inversions, set phrases, comparative-superlative, causative verbs, phrasal verbs, linking words, etc.

If you want to learn how to do Key word transformation exercises effectively, this book is for you.

Acquiesce - C1-C2 Vocabulary
Make allowances for - make allowance for (phrase) C1/C2 Vocabulary
mete something out - Phrasal verb
Long since - Phrase
Disparate - adjective - advanced spanish-english false friends
ride on something -phrasal verb
Attune to - verb
Subscribe to - phrasal verb
cognizant - C2 vocabulary
dispense with sth - c2 vocabulary
detract from something - phrasal verb
narrow something down - phrasal verb
so... that (adverb) formal
not so much - not... so much - not so much as... (phrases)
ensue (verb) - ensuing (adjective)
have yet to - be yet to (phrases)
buy into something - sell someone on something (phrasal verbs)
equate something with something (verb) - equate to (phrasal verb)
Make a point of doing sth - make it a point to do sth (phrases)
out of (phrases)
by a factor of (phrase)
zero in on something - phrasal verb
Vie with someone for something - verb (formal)
Contrary to something (phrase)
Compound - verb
Akin - adjective
be to do something - phrase (formal)
with the aim of doing something . with a view to doing something - phrases
not least - phrase (formal)
stem from something (phrasal verb)
result from something - result in something (phrasal verbs)
chiefly (adverb)
render - verb (formal)
infer - verb (formal)
amount to something - verb
on the grounds of /that (phrase)
be that as it may (phrase) C1/C2 Vocabulary
In that (phrase) formal - C1/C2 Vocabulary
be paramount to something - be of paramount importance to something - C1/C2 Vocabulary
Overarching (adjective) - formal
be tantamount to something (adjective) - C1/C2 Vocabulary
be central to something - adjective - C1/C2 vocabulary
Galvanize (verb) - C1/C2 vocabulary
The onus - noun (formal) - C1/C2 Vocabulary
Knock-on - adjective - C1/C2 Vocabulary